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Ponds & Water Features

There are many benefits to having a water feature included in a garden installation.


*  It provides a sense of calm and tranquilty

*  It looks great in a garden, for you and your guests

*  It creates bio-diversity for fish, birds, and others


Our services include design, installation and maintenance of various systems, from small to large features. This includes streams, waterfalls & fountains.


We work well with Aquascape and PondBuilder products which allows easy maintenance solutions for the contractor and the home owner.


Prices ranges from $2,000 to $8,000 for more elaborate and customized ponds, designed & installed.

Choose your Pond size

Lets Work Towards Sustainability 

The Water Diamond Paradox. Water is so vital for survival, but its realively cheap compared to dimonds, which is not as important to survival.


Journey Designs understands the importance of water and will work towards reducing, reusing and recycling. If you share our vision give contact us on permaculture applications.


Rainwater Harvesting  -  Stormwater Management  -  Aquaponics 

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