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The Design Process

​1. ​The Interview

​We meet at your place, introduce our portfolio, learn your needs, desires, styles and dislikes. We take measurements, notes, and consider any previous plans to help us make an accurate assessment.

2. Conceptual Designs

We present one or two conceptual designs based on the interview feedback. Conceptual designs can be formal or informal, black & white or coloured and usually 8.5"' by 11" paper format. 

3. Master Plans​

​Our Master Plans are more elaborate, drawn to scale and rendered on a 2' x 3' drawing. At this stage we include a detail plant list, and/or  a list of hardscape materials, and present a drawing that is either CAD or hand drawn. 

Our in-house designer has formal training in Fine Arts & Sculpture and Landscape Design. With considerable knowledge in plants and stone colour combinations it makes it easy for us to recommend certain styles and options. 


As a team, we make consistent effort to seek new products trends, price and quality. Its important to us to offer tasteful and well thoughtful designs to our clients. 


Click here to request for a design consultation. 

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