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"We believe that every person or entity should have the right to grow their own food"                                                                                                - Journey Designs

Kitchen Gardens

Vegetable Gardens

Herb Gardens

Our knowledge on vegetable production is credited to the Vineland & Research Innovation Centre. For a summer in 2009, lessons where taught on preparing the grounds, seeding, propagating, fertilizing, and harvesting. That experience had also taught us the value of eating healthy, sense of achievement, and the joy being phsyically active.


Most of our installations are Raised Vegetable Gardens. This means its can be located almost anywhere, providing there is enough sunlight; but its also good for small spaces, hard surfaces, and even on rooftops or living walls.   

Our Services

* We will consult with you on the types of herbs, vegetables, and fruits you wish to harvest, and with that information, we will design a location and a structure.


* We will source all materials, build and install the structure. This includes an irrigation system and a compost bin.  


* We will provide some maintenance guidelines during the four seasons, and the rest is up to you. 

If you wish to take it a step further ask us about Acquaponics 

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