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Specialist in all types of Garden Installations

Residential  or  Commercial

Contemparory &

Naturalized Gardens

Annual Beds, Planters, Bulbs

Tropicals & 


Kitchen Gardens &

Speciality Gardens

Trees, Shrubs, 

& Hedges

When it comes to plants and installation, we are in our comfort zone. 


From contemporary gardens to installing hedges, we will provide you with the most reliable and up-date information on plant knowledge, design and care. 


As a general rule, we try to incorporate low maintenance, water efficiency, and blooming periods throughout the season. 

Our Garden Process

From the primilary consultations, we will provide a quote based on the conceptual design, materials, labour and delivery. 


Once the quote is approved, we would ask for a desposit, ask for locates, and schedule dates for start and completion of project. 


Most our materials are hand picked. It's important to us, to get the soil, mulch, stone, and plants with accuracy but also at their upmost quality.


To learn more on what type of design to choose from, click here

Garden Edges

Soil & Compost

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Mulch & Woodchips

Decorative Stone

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