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Irrigation Systems  


We are not an irrigation company, but we have been installing and repairing irrigation systems for the past two seasons and applying these savings to our clients. 


It is imperative that for every new plant installation, water is applied. 


Our services include installation of simple irrigation systems for hanging baskets, perennial gardens, annual planter beds, vegetable beds, hedges, trees, and lawns. 



Drip Irrigation Systems
Rotar Sprinkler systems

Watering tips by hand ( for new garden installations )


  • As a general rule, water twice or three times a day. If twice, 7 - 10 mins, if three times 5 - 7 mins per time. Best to water during morning or afternoons.


  • Continue this practice at least for one week, between 3 - 4 days. On the second and third week, reduce watering by half. By the fourth week, plants only need to be watered on a needed basis. Trees need more water than the rest of the plants. 


  • Water with a 'Wand' or a durable hose & nozzle. Set the nozzle to gental spray or shower head. And when watering, pass water over plants in a sweeping motion. Pause in-between watering to allow plant roots to breath and intake.


  • If possible, apply more water around the surface of soil close to roots, and less on the leaves. This is where a "Wand" comes in handy. 


  • If you have plants in containers, or in planters, this affects the general rule. These plants need to be watered on a consistent basis throughout the season. 


  • When in doubt, check on all plants, and look for signs of wilting, crack soil, or leaf turning colour.             



Used for vegetable beds, hanging baskets, 
and new gardens. 


It allows precise watering to individual plants, but also an efficient way to watering. 


We would install the connectors, drip lines, and timer. 

Used for overhead watering of lawns
and some gardens. 


Our services include installations of the lines, set-up of manifold and the control panels


Our systems are simple and on average 2 - 5 zones. 

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